Lem-It Shine Critter Conscious Process

Have you ever smelled your favorite burger place? It smells good, right? This is what a dirty trashcan smells like to an animal! We fix that!

The Lem It Shine Critter Conscious Process is a All natural "green" process that will deep clean while killing 99% of all gram negative bacteria. This state of the art formula was designed with the concerns of Colorado's wildlife and domestic creatures in mind.

Our process has caught the attention of Jefferson County Open Space Services Manager Mary Ann Bonnell. She is an expert in Colorado wildlife, and her help has been invaluable.

We will be proud to demonstrate at our presentation of the service.

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The Lem-It Shine Way
We all have thought it before. In fact, it's almost an unspoken evil that we all live with. Who hasn't walked past their garbage cans in their garage, smelled the foul stench coming from them and thought, "one of these days I'm going to wash that can out." Yet, even with all the garbage we have in and out of our garbage cans, we rarely (if ever) actually do. Further, most of us don't have the right tools to clean a garbage can that's been soiled so deeply with day to day trash.
Lem-It Shine Power Clean Services changes all that. Our revolutionary concept is one that will change the way waste management is handled forever. Our specialized three step cleaning process not only cleans your garbage cans, but does so on regular intervals utilizing the most cutting edge technology which is at once green, environmentally cautious and repetitious to prevent permanent odors from taking root in your garbage cans again.

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Inspired by the concerns of Colorado. Click above to see the trailer of this documentary, THE GREAT DIVIDE.

Call us today at (720) 723-0048 or (720) 838-6446 to set up your presentation.

Water. We Have To Protect It.

With far too many cleaning businesses, they take the water they use for granted. Living in Colorado though, we know that this practice can't continue to go on. Water is our most prized resource, and our own state is one of the most crucial places in the country to protect when it comes to our water. As documentaries like THE GREAT DIVIDE and KILLING THE COLORADO spell out, water will soon be our state's most valuable resource, so we can no longer we wasteful with it.
At Lem-It Shine, we care about Colorado's environment...first and foremost. Our garbage can cleaning technology uses 3 gallons of water per can, but our industry defining technology on has a loss of 1/3 cup of water per cleaning. This is unheard of considering most companies have total loss. This is why we are THE most environmentally sound cleaning system in the country.
Frank Ritter Cares!
Colorado's own Frank Ritter is the driving force behind the Lem-It Shine Cleaning System. A fighter and survivor who's story is fascinating, his instinct to push passed tough times makes him the perfect person to help protect OUR environment.
"In 1976, I was inspired by something that changed my life - a movie called ROCKY. I started to train and found a new joy in my life. I went into boxing, then later the martial arts. I've always fought through tough times, and see what's going on with our environment as the toughest fight yet! I ain't heard no bell, One more round."

Ritter takes guidance from the words of former Navy Seal Jason Redman in his book THE TRIDENT, "Hard work, tenacity and the will to overcome - those are the keys to success". Frank Ritter has adopted that philosophy with Lem-It Shine.

"In life when it serves you up lemons, they say you should make lemonade. We took the lemons we were served down a eight year journey to develop Lem-It Shine."

Got Questions?
We understand that you might have many questions. Let us try to answer a few of them for you!
It's our goal to provide answers that will prove that our cleaning solution is not only the best, but a necessity in your neighborhood.

Call us at (720) 723-0048 or (720) 838-6446 with any questions or to set up a demonstration of the Lem-It Shine Cleaning Solution! We look forward to hearing from you.
Cleaning Effectiveness
Our cutting edge proprietary process has been proven to kill an amazing 99% of gram negative organisms that live within your trash cans.
Community Tested
Cities that we work with do batch tests on the water before dispersing it back into their water system. No water goes back to the ecosystem untested.
Our cleaning solution is a non-toxic cleaner that will cause no harm to the environment or animals (rodents or pets). Our solution is safe for everyone!
Low Noise/Emissions
Unlike most cleaning solutions, Lem-It Shine's operation is one of the quietest and features low emissions. Your neighborhood goes undisturbed while we clean.